Floral designer + visual artist from Waterford, Michigan. Currently based in Grand Rapids.


Contact: hayleyshungerford@gmail.com


Hayley Hungerford enjoyed much of her youth painting, crafting and playing outside in the garden with her mother in her hometown Waterford, Michigan where she developed a perpetual delight for the organic form, color and textures that occur in nature.

After graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design and beginning a career in botanical illustration, Hayley returned to this enactment of senses, launching her own floral design company in 2006. Her style emphasizes grace, movement and the delicate blending of colors that evoke images of the natural garden and uphold a sense of wild spontaneity.

Hyssop Press, based in Grand Rapids, offers custom florals for small scale weddings, special events and product styling. Hayley also teaches various workshops throughout the area, such as The Practice of Mandala : Meditation utilizing flora and the deconstruction of petals, which she hosted during the grass roots music festival, Lamp Light during 2016. Her work and assisted works have been featured in publications such as Revue Magazine, Art in Bloom at The Grand Rapids Art Museum and many more.


Also seen in: Grey LIkes Weddings + Wedding Day Magazine
(Assisting a styled shoot led by Fleurology Designs.)